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Custom clearance is based on duty ratios & entry processes which differ from country to country. Commodity & tariff classifications, value declarations & duty variations may cause to create confusions & to increase the cost. Certain reason in a region like security measures, narcotics & to evaluate the exact stuff, duty etc local customs have implemented new regulations that made the custom clearance process more challenging than ever to trade internationally.

However Zumm Cargo Services Ltd provides global coverage & reliable consistent services to worthy clients, by the years experience in customs brokerage as well as are at upfront to the twists on the latest customs programs such as electronic & remote filing services, manual & e-entry filing & reconciliation etc to help clients to keep their business on the leading edges.

If you need a trusted source to manage your customs brokerage, please deem our features like …..

+ To focus on conformity help to reduce cargo delays & costs associated with non-compliance to customs regulations.

+ Customer service program enables online visibility of each process like customs up dates, delivery & billing details.

+ Accommodating Electronic Data Interchange – EDI solutions help to minimize data entry errors which cause delay a shipment or project?s development.

+ Service Level Agreement accomplishment for new customers including the developments for an export or import process to maximize the chances of being categorized as “low risk” & further to minimize costs.

+ Appropriate document handling the core task, provides easy archive & reclamation of important customs brokerage documents to meet the clearance formalities as well as to centralize entry processing & good customer service.


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